Marble in Alabama ,

Marble is Alabama's state rock and the Alabama white marble is considered as equal to the famous marble of Carrera in Italy.
Marble in Alabama was used in the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the U.S. Supreme Court and the bust of Lincoln in the Capitol. Marble in Alabama also adorns the interior of the John Hand Building and the exterior of the South Trust Bank branch.
Alabama's most famous variety of marble is the Sylacauga marble, which has been used in dozens of downtown buildings, staircases and floors. In older Birmingham schools, even toilets were sculpted from marble in Alabama.
Marble found in Alabama is also ground to a powder and used in chewing gum, toothpaste, paper and paint. The Sylacauga marble in Alabama is famous for its creamy whiteness. Marble in Alabama has a translucence that allows light to pass through it.